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May 22, 2017

Episode #53 of Rated Ark : The Ark Survival Evolved Podcast

Episode 53  of Rated Ark SHOW NOTES

Welcome survivors new and old to Episode 53 of Rated Ark, The Ark Survival Evolved Podcast!


  • Today is May 20th , 2017
  • We are a CRR Gaming Group hosted podcast , so that means the voices can change each week but the roundtable discussion will always be about Ark !
  • We have many ways you can contact us to share feedback, tips, or adventures!
  • You can tweet the show @RatedArk on twitter!
  • You can grab the RSS Feed, get our show notes , and apply to join us in game at ratedark.podbean.com



Name of who wants to read the intro & Introduce those on the show :Foe

First we’d like to start the show off by introducing everyone here tonight!

Everyone introduces herself/ himself

( We can go from top to bottom in teamspeak to make it easy)

*****LOOT DROP*****

This segment is for listener feedback.  Did we get any Audio? Emails? Tweets? Reviews? Do we have an shout outs to deliver? List them below: Greet anyone in the Twitch chat!

Esme : We want to give a big CRR Welcome to Hoaxster, Robslack, geneunrau, MrBackon, Justin-Tata,

Listener Email: Who wants to read? GIGA CAN READ

Hey all! Let me just start by saying I love the show! I only used to listen to podcasts related to dark souls and the like. I would only play the souls borne games and street fighter. A friend turned me on to Ark and I fell in love. Dropped dark souls....I mean I literally swayzed that series for ark!

So I googled podcast about ark and lucky me rated ark came up and here I am all caught up on every show and even replay them. Makes my work day so easy.

You all have a great dynamic and seem like a great group of people. So lucky.

Well I heard about the ps4 pvp server and would be honored to be able to break into pvp for the first time with a safe and fun group of like minded peeps.

If there's room for one more lemme know and keep on keepin on guys!

All the best!

P.s I want a poster of bobert I have a nice blank space above my bed set aside for him.


*****Fresh from the Forge******Ark News Segment

( Ark News Segment. Did any of us find any juicy news we want to share)


***PLEASE ADD your name AND the link with your news pieces.***

Tweet Time!


Jeremy Stieglitz @arkjeremy
The Megalania's climb-anywhere feature is amazing, among the most game-changing Dinos yet added to ARK. Can't wait to show it off next week!



Jat‏ @Jatheish
There will be a PlayStation Patch available shortly which will fix the issues with Primitive+ (no textures, missing items)




Excerpt from the article by Matt Wales at Kotaku

“I contacted Wildcard to find out the reason for Ark’s negligence in the realm of aquatic expulsions. According to lead designer Jeremy Stieglitz, it’s because realistic sea poop is just too damn hard to represent as a single item in-game.

“In the case of fish,” says Stieglitz, “it tends to be a long thin strand. In the case of certain marine mammals like whales, it looks like a big blast of dirty water. Either way, it would be difficult to properly represent in-game as something the player could interact with.”


According to the article Stieglitz also let slip that working toilets will be coming to Ark’s v258 update, currently scheduled to arrive on May 29. And Jeremy is quoted saying “How can you possibly consider your Tribe ‘civilized’ until it has indoor plumbing?!”



  • We will also be getting  a new poop-o-meter that will be added to Ark’s HUD.
  • When it appears you know that youre going to have to go to the bathroom.
  • You will then need to find your toilet, sit down, then press the ‘defecate’ key.
  • When you’re done, stand up and flush, and your BM will be converted into a sizable quantity of compost. You’ll even get a special post-expulsion ‘refreshed’ status XP boost.
  • They also discussed Pee during the interview .
  • Jeremy told Matt that there was, at one stage in development, significant debate around whether Ark’s player characters should urinate as well as defecate. Ultimately, however, the team decided against it, on the grounds that a flailing stream of pee wouldn’t look good “on the move.”



Upcoming Version: v258.0, ETA May 30

- New Weapon: Harpoon Gun

- New Dino: Hyaenodon

- New Dino: Hesperonis

- New Dino: Megatherium

- New Dino: Megalania

- New Dino: Yutyrannus

- New Structure: Interactive Toilet

- 2 New Hairstyles

- Optimizations!!!!!!!!!!!!! Memory reductions, texture memory & mesh optimization, and performance gains via GPU and CPU utilization & threading improvements.

- Various bug fixes TBA

- Greater Achievement set, with various cosmetics, hairstyles, & emotes unlocked as you get Achievements


A Little Further Out

- New Structure: Dynamic-Length Bridges

- More Creatures, Gear, Armors, Weapons, & Structures!

- "Boss Wars"

- DirectX12 Mode for Windows 10! Approximate +20% perf

- Specific Representative "on-ground" meshes for all dropped items

- Random GPU Driver crash fix: TrueSky


(Esme Added XBOX Notes)

(PS4 is the Same: Yogi)

Current Version: v754
86 reading

-TEK Cave & Volcano
- New Dino: Giant Bee
- New Dino: Daeodon
- New Dino: Liopleurodon
- New Dino: Kentrosaurus
- New Structure: Tek Cloning Chamber
- New Structure: Tek Megalodon Saddle
- New Structure: Tek Turret
- New Weapon: Tek Grenade
- "Ascension" Game Progression
- More UI overhauls
- New Hairstyle and Facial Hair
- Approximately 20+ New Explorer Notes
- 15 new music tracks, per-biome and situational
- Fixed issue with Cave spawns not functioning properly in singleplayer
- The Center mega-update!
- Engram Tree REVAMP. -- With the forced level reset and cap at 100, Unofficials which have custom Levels/EXP will need to add an additional 15 levels to make up for Ascension.
- New Emote
- Anglers can now gather pearls.


Main Topic of the show:
(One topic to cover that is Ark Related then move on. It is the meat and potatoes of the show).



This means that you need to:

1: Head to the forums at Survive the Ark.com, Reddit, or the Steam forums and find a post you think would be great to talk about on the show this week !

2: Copy and paste the forum post below with the link.

3: Take the time to look of the forum posts of others and add any thoughts on the topics :)

Name: Prometheus

Input: “The tek generator could use some rebalancing”



Input:https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/190287-going-through-a-sad-time-man/ losing a baby dino really does suck

Name: Esme

Input: Post by Deadman
Posted yesterday at 12:52 PM
“So what does the ascension mechanic actually give you? Cause from where I'm sitting it doesn't seem to do much. From what I can see is now players had their level cap lowered by 15 levels, and for people who don't play on the Island they can't get those levels back without the server setting up custom levels. I heard you're supposed to fight tougher bosses, are these the same bosses or are they new ones? Cause you can just fight modded bosses that are far tougher than the vanilla ones. I guess I'm just not seeing the point in this mechanic cause it doesn't seem to do much good.”



Latest update: Mind wipe, new stats and engram levels are higher!


Input:noobs build in a cave and get rolled.





Input: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/177123-how-to-avoid-leedsichthys/


This is post on how to avoid the leed.  Seems obvious now that i’ve seen it.  But It’s worth a look.  


Name: Yogi

Input: https://www.reddit.com/r/arkps4/comments/6bywru/the_ark_mindwipe_update/?st=J2X3FVNL&sh=17d9a1b0

LAST CALL        


Do you have any info you forgot to share? Some shout outs? Future events? Contests? Share them now or wait a week!


Esme: New and Old Members of Cross Realm Rebellion. We are aware that our Gaming Group Site is a pain in the ass and are actively working to make the process more user friendly for past present and future members to use. You will be able to find us at www.crossrealmrebellion.com


86 tales from the x side


Would you rather!?:



Name: Yogi

Would you rather live with bed bugs for a month or lice for 2 months?

(Recent customer I had to deal with!!had both of these problems! For who knows how long!!)


Name: Esme: FROM our CRR Discord - crazedandazed  Would you rather be incontinent with explosive diarrhea or randomly projectile vomit 5 times a day?



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