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May 22, 2018

Rated Ark : The Ark Survival Evolved Podcast E#11 Season 2

Season 2  Episode 11 of Rated Ark SHOW NOTES

Who wants to Introduce the show and hosts? Johnny


Welcome survivors new and old to Episode of Rated Ark, The Ark Survival Evolved Podcast!


Today is May 11, 2018


  • We are a CRR Gaming Group hosted podcast , so that means the voices can change each week but the roundtable discussion will always be about Ark !
  • We have many ways you can contact us to share feedback, tips, or adventures!
  • You can tweet the show @RatedArk on twitter!



First we’d like to start the show off by introducing everyone here tonight!

Everyone introduces herself/ himself

( We can go from top to bottom in teamspeak to make it easy)

Tell who you are and how many hours you have in the game so far :)

*****LOOT DROP*****

This segment is for listener feedback.  Did we get any Audio? Emails? Tweets? Reviews? Do we have an shout outs to deliver? List them below:

I want to welcome MackDaddyCarrot and Jackal @BorealSyzygy who have joined us in our CRR Gaming Group Discord!


*****Fresh from the Forge******Ark News Segment


@survivetheark ARK: EVOLUTION EVENT is now active through 3 PM EST May 14, with 1.5X Harvesting, Mating, Maturation, and Egg Hatching on all platforms! #playARK https://t.co/btZttiigq7


@siccogamemods It's finally there, my 2nd #ARK map Amissa. Get it while it's hot. 🙂

Let me know what you think and let me see your screenshots #ARKAmissa
https://t.co/zSTQz0dd7p @survivetheark  @bubblywums @Jatheish @ZenRowe https://t.co/qyEAVIUvJG


@ggfizz41   ARK Creative Build Off Vs Jen & Zen Rowe: https://t.co/T3Rp9khzLP via @YouTube


Aaron Longstaff: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRRD8oOcOj0mAV-pKk4UpXw


Unite the Clans: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6uOfDBuG0JQ7USAuayikFQ





Patch notes

Esme: Weekly patches are conducted Tuesdays at 10am PST unless otherwise stated.

Current Version: v279.275

- Fixed multiple holes, collisions, and general bugs across all maps
- Fixed a bug where the Poison Wyvern would loot player bodies from direct hits
- Cliff platforms can no longer be built on top of Obelisk terminals
- Cliff platforms can no longer be placed on world barriers
- Fixed a bug which would cause flyers to flee from players when attacking water
- Karkinos can no longer be grabbed by Quetzal grabbing Karkinos
- Fixed a bug which would cause the Leech to be stuck on a player's screen when they die
- Fixed a bug with ladders which would desync a character's client from the server
- Fixed a bug with Tamed level 1 Griffin causing them to have negative HP
- Fixed level of detail issues with the Tek Tapejara Saddle
- Improved Flyer AI so that they no longer do circles into the air when attacking each other
- Reduced Pachyrhino head armour
- Reduced Flak armour scaling by 7%
- Reduced HP of Argentavis by 20%
- Reduced cloning cost of Griffin
- Reduced the speed of Plesiosaur and Ichthyosaurus by approximately 35%
- Reduced the amount of durability damage taken from projectiles when a Glider suit is equipped by approximately 60%
- Reduced the resource cost of Fabricated Sniper recipe scale by 25%
- Change weight of Cloth, Hide, Chitin, Flak, Fur, Desert, Hazard, and Ghillie
- Increased Greenhouse Structures HP and Decay Timer. The HP increase is not retroactive, and will only affect new structures.
- Increased Vault Storage slots from 150 to 350
- Added Pincode to Refrigerator
- Change Tek Saddle so that it can no longer be shot during lightning storms


Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch! :Jerbhi:

Upcoming New Servers!


Beginner Servers:

Tomorrow, May 8th at approximately 10 am PST we will be launching a new set of servers called Beginner servers! Beginner Official Servers are an experience for new ARK players to test the waters without the threat of thoroughly developed tribes.

Unlike our regular servers, these have undergone some changes. First of all, there have been some limitations on how much a player or dino can progress. Player levels hit their cap at 44 and the highest encounter possible for wild creatures is level 30. Tamed creatures can receive up to an additional maximum of 30 levels. Due to the progression limits, some engrams are not achievable through levelling up but are found via supply crates. Some other changes include the disabling of alliances and tribe sizes have been limited to 5 members maximum.

Once established on a beginner server survivors can choose to exit into the rest of the official server network by uploading their character and moving to another server for the full ARK experience. Downloads of any kind are permanently disabled on Beginner servers so once you upload your character and leave the server you can't come back.

*Beginner* servers will be available to play on all platforms (PC and consoles) tomorrow! Tune into our Twitter account for further release information. https://twitter.com/survivetheark



Community Livestreams!

Yesterday was the first Ark Livestream. They will be continuing every other week on Thursdays, the community team will be doing biweekly livestreams!

During these livestreams we will have Zen Rowe, Chris, and Jen bringing ARK news, celebrating modding, and the community as a whole every other week. We'll be playing ARK, showing off mods, and showing off your community creations for all to see. Survivors are invited to join us in the chat (and sometimes even in-game) to play and talk with the community team and other developers.

You can submit your ARKwork to their streaming email address: arkfans@studiowildcard.com

Be sure to follow their Twitch page so you don't miss a stream! twitch.tv/survivetheark


Mod Community Updates!

Last week we made a change to the Mod Tutorial Contests. We increased the length of time for contests going forward to be a full month, and we doubled the awards. This should make it easier for people to participate without feeling like they have to sacrifice on their mods, and for non-native English speakers who found it difficult to put something together under the previous time constraints. This change takes effect with the current Freestyle tutorial contest which is now accepting submissions until the end of the month.

Now, it's time to announce the winner of the 4th Mod tutorial contest. The theme was "Space Day," a day dedicated to math, science, technology, and inspiring people to take an interest. The winning submission was a collaborative effort between RedDwarf and Pleasure for a Solar Panel mod. They also included a bonus tutorial video that shows the entire process of creating the custom assets for the mod!

All of the submissions and links to the tutorials are available in the contest thread.

ARK: Superfan Collector's Edition!

We still have a limited number of ARK: Collector's Editions on PlayArk.com for purchase! It includes our special edition items (dossier book, map, necklace, soundtrack) but does not include the game or season pass. Grab all the cool Collector's items! Worldwide shipping is available.


ARK: Evolution Event!
The Current Evolution Event will take place on the 11th of May at 1 PM EST until Monday the 14th at 3 PM EST.

1.5x Harvesting
1.5x Egg Hatching
1.5x Gestation
1.5x Maturation


Regarding the TEA controversy and accountability



PPG TITAN WIPING CHEATING TRIBE TEA PT.1 (Official Pvp Pirates) - Ark:Survival Evolved - Ep.59



Published on May 7, 2018


So after the devs have failed to do anything about the blatent cheating of Tea we decided to see how far we could get on one of their servers. Doing the devs work for them.... https://youtu.be/g_xr9MWLlEE


****Dino Spotlight with Goon and Esme****

Goon Dino Name: Coelacanth (see-la-canth)

Coelacanth nutritia is one of the few creatures on the Island with a relative which can be found back home. The Coelacanth thrive in the waters around the Island, as well as within rivers and lakes. Unlike most Coelacanths, Coelacanth nutritia meat contains less oil and urea. In fact, it is one of the healthier sources of meat I've yet found.

Most Coelacanths are opportunistic feeders that eat anything smaller than itself, likely including baby water snakes, insect and plant life, and perhaps each other?

Esme : Domesticated
While their limited intelligence makes them unsuitable for taming, Coelacanths provide a viable source of meat for coastal or water-dwelling tribes. Many a day has been spent fishing by the water's edge, often with surprising results, as Coelacanths often have consumed discarded garbage that is sometimes of great value.

Due to their small size, though, a larger tribe would require a significant number of Coelacanths to feed itself.


XP For Kill Level 1: 1.00 XP
Drops Raw Fish Meat
Feces Size None
Drag Weight 25
Carryable By Kaprosuchus & Tusoteuthis

The Ark Gamepedia says it can Can Damage Thatch & Greenhouse , But I dont think thats a thing maybe because it claims they are Reactive regarding its Aggression?  


*****Felloons Admin Tip******


Quick update on teleporting a player or teleporting to a player from episode 9 of this season: I had a couple of folks in CRR who are console players (Tshx85 - xbox and johnny_wrench - ps4) both tell me to use the id number on your specimen implant in conjunction with Teleport commands; one of them also suggested the capitalization was relevant to this command as well... I have not been able to try this yet but hopefully will soon. My thanks goes out to Tshx85 and johnny_wrench for their suggestions.


Today I wanted to introduce you to the console command: ListPlayers


This can be very useful for checking to see if any players are online before you perform a dino wipe or a server restart. Could be that one dude who is AFK taming his soon to be perfect tamed Spino.. and didn't answer you when you called out on global chat.


You can use ShowMyAdminManager and get a visual of all players but I find this command at the console is much faster and quickly lets you see who is on the server.


One more really fun command is: SetTargetDinoColor


cheat SetTargetDinoColor <ColorRegion> <ColorID>


You can find a list of the color regions and color ID’s on the wiki.

***********Esmes “Got Name!?”**********

This is the segment where I use a random name generator to help you find a name for your tribe so you don't resort to Tribe of Bob or Tribe of Human!



Wicked Brigade (you can only use this one if you build in the NorthEast)

Revenant Discipline
Closed Assailant
Phantoms of the Lost Age
Revelations of Joy (perfect for PVP tribe)
Recruits of the Pious
Terror of the Wolf
Charfists - JW: I call dibs on using this one!

WuTang Name Generator: http://www.mess.be/inickgenwuname.php




  • You do not have to add anything if you have nothing to add.
  • There can be more than one tip under a section, just not one host with multiple tips.




*****Taming Pen*****


  • Cover info on one creature on the island.
  • Do you have any Taming Tricks to share? A Taming Tip?



Esme: Build a small house around your tame if you don't want other players to walk up and mess with it. Use fence foundations to make the frame around it and then place your walls. You won't be able to place ceilings due to no foundation, but you can place a pillar and add ceilings above. You can also add you spikes to the outside if you're in a rough area and place spikes on top of the ceilings for protection.


Trying an experiment in the game? Share it here!

Fresh server chat!

*****Damn E Key******
Did you do something full of fail this week? Maybe hit the E key again? Share it here!


JW: Fresh pve server fails and mishaps.

*****LAST CALL*****

Did you have something that you forgot to mention during the show? Say it now or wait a week!


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