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May 28, 2018

Cross Realm Podcast #11: Your Gaming & Entertainment Podcast!

Episode 11 # of Cross Realm Cast SHOW NOTES - CRIIKETTE

Welcome to Cross Realm Podcast!

The Entertainment Podcast hosted by CRR Gaming Group Members!



  • Today is May 24, 2018
  • You can reach the show by emailing @CrossRealmRebellion@gmail.com
  • You can grab the RSS Feed, get our show notes , and leave us a voice message at anchor.fm/CrossRealmPodcast , and apply to join us in game at CrossRealmRebellion.com !



Esme: In the News


Were you Laurel Or Yanni?



Legend of Loch Ness Monster will be tested with DNA samples



Code Brown: Pools Are Nasty, Study Says



Fortnite Makes A Huge Competitive Gaming Announcement


Introduce tonight's crew! Who wants to?



Cross Realm Cast is meant to be more of an open discussion podcast that spans all realms of life.

Suggestions for input! (Obviously don’t pick them all :P ) lol


  • What are you doing in game!?
  • (Any game! Any Platform!)
  • Do you have some gaming news to share?
  • Some releases you can't wait for?
  • A game you are excited for !?
  • Feedback on a game you have played?
  • Question for the group? A would you wrather?
  • Need some advice ? Ask the group!
  • Any recommendations on Food? Books? TV? Movies? Podcasts? Games?
  • Have a wierd product to share?



KEEP ENTRIES TO 2 (unless your Blue because he’s Awesome) EACH HOST PLEASE

Name: Blue (You’re my boy, Blue)



Playing wow doing the dungeon grind with foe when able, but 10 lvl difference means that can only queue up together when doing same content. Currently playing through the Pandara’s Myst content which has been fun currently lvl 87 probably hit 90 tonight before bed but well see..


Been Listening to a podcast called Dungeons and Randomness, its a D&D podcast I’ve talked about before, I just finished episode 200 last week which is the final episode for arc 1 and I have to say I really enjoyed how it ended, you can tell the kinda ran out of time at the end to wrap some storylines up so they had to shorthand a few things but the last episode was 8 hours long after editing so I can’t even be mad. If your looking for a D&D podcast I have to suggest looking it up it was good but start off on arc 2 because its super good and they have overviews of ark 1 to help you get caught up.


Last but not least I love the Song Blue Moon and before we sat down today I listen to different versions of it and settled on Frank Sinatra, Sha Na Na which is on the Grease soundtrack or The Marcels versions.


Let Me know what version on Blue Moon you enjoy by ether Hitting me up in Discord under the What are you listening to channel just tag me or hit me up on Twitter @Spudwick22.

Name: Criikette

Input: Finished GoW4.  Awesome game! Can’t wait for NG+.  Played some Horizon Zero Dawn. Nice game, need to get back to play some more of it.  I like how it has some stealth mode/takedown aspect to it (ala Batman games). Conan Exiles.  I’m loving this so far. Gotta compare it to Ark because everyone does w/ survival games. So much more gear customization than Ark.  World bosses for legendary gear. Purge event (we’ve had one, going to be having another soon from the looks of it). Building is nice.  Having less issues in general with snap points and stuff then I ever had with Ark. “Taming” of thralls is a nice minigame of sorts. Been spending a lot of time working on getting some better ones.

That’s IT...


Input:fist full of audible credits , WHat should i get ? , 40k slow grow league progress , wow , and cutting back on a few tabletop games .



Input: Ark when I've had time to game. Life got crazy last week. Hit from all sides. Been enjoying some TV binge sessions the last couple nights while putting around in our official server tribe 👍 Caught up on Siren, the mermaid show on freeform, The Blindspot, and Blacklist. Watched the first episode of Lost in space on Netflix and liked it and I watched a few A little Help Episodes on Netflix which is family friendly.


Last call!

Time to close down the show!0


  • Share how our listeners can reach you!
  • Give any shout outs!


Esme: Would you rather eat a meal of cow tongue or octopus?




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