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June 7, 2017

We are a gaming Group that:

Desires to cultivate an atmosphere where we connect through our love of gaming.
We have a zero toleration policy regarding discrimination of race, sexual orientation, political views, and religious belief, and gender. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. If you have to ask if it is allowed to discuss then it probably isn't!
We do not tolerate shaming of game choice, play style, lifestyle etc.
We encourage:

Agreeing to disagree! You might not always like someones game. a gaming company, strats, etc., and that is ok! It is NOT OK for you to engage in a public confrontation. This drags everyone in the group down and creates a negative environment. If you wish to talk about your different point of views on gaming and life, make sure you do so in private and with those who agree to debate with you. This is a gaming group, not a debate club.

Trying new games!
New games are exciting to many! Share any games you feel like sharing as long as they are "safe for work".

Trying new games together!
We encourage you to enjoy many games and even better to explore them together!

Sharing gaming news!
Post away! If there isn't a place for the game you love, let us know! we shall make it for you!