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April 7, 2018

Rated Ark : The Ark Survival Evolved Podcast E#6 Season 2


Season 2  Episode 6 of Rated Ark SHOW NOTES

Welcome survivors new and old to Episode  of Rated Ark, The Ark Survival Evolved Podcast!

Today is April 6, 2018

We are a CRR Gaming Group hosted podcast , so that means the voices can change each week but the roundtable discussion will always be about Ark !

  • We have many ways you can contact us to share feedback, tips, or adventures!
  • You can tweet the show @RatedArk on twitter!


First we’d like to start the show off by introducing everyone here tonight!

Everyone introduces herself/ himself

( We can go from top to bottom in teamspeak to make it easy)

Tell who you are and how many hours you have in the game so far :)

*****LOOT DROP*****

This segment is for listener feedback.  Did we get any Audio? Emails? Tweets? Reviews? Do we have an shout outs to deliver? List them below:


Esme: Paithan @Paithanoxo
Replying to @RatedArk @survivetheark @OfficialPixARK
I got all the way to the flying megalodon before I realized what day it was.

Thomas Hansen@Tsh_x85
Replying to @ESMERALDA_SKY @OfficialPixARK @CRRGamingGroup
Also got me with that podcast earlier, almost fell of the chair with the TLC thing😂


*****Fresh from the Forge******Ark News Segment


PS4:    Still Waiting on the Dino TLC #2

XBOX: Still Waiting on the Dino TLC #2


PC:-Patch Notes- Current (v279.243) & Upcoming ()
Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: 279.242

Current Client Version: v279.243

- Fix for allowing players to transfer between servers
- Unversioned minor BattlEye update

Current Server Version: v279.242

- Fixed tamed Oviraptors getting bunified
- Fixed game exploits involving using a BattlEye bypass to ignore pin codes, access storage and the exploit the ascension mechanic
- Fixed torch placement on tlc2 saddles
- Moschops is now rideable!
- Moschops harvesting effectiveness reduced by approximately 30%
- Fixed a PvE bug causing non-allied dinos to rapidly lose their food under specific circumstances
- Fixed friendly Raptor pounce dismounting nearby riders
- Multiple fixes for Chick Hat placement


- Added PixARK button to main menu.


Monday at 03:56 PM
The latest edition of the Community Crunch!

The Community Crunch is where we share important things going on with ARK, as well as host contests and showcase creations made by the community!

Rideable Moschops Returns!

By popular demand (and some discussion by our gameplay team) the rideable Moschops makes its return! For those who missed out, during the TLC 2 update we encountered an unintended mechanic which allowed the Moschops to be rideable. After receiving feedback from players regarding the creature and its new founded ability, we decided we wanted to make it so, but do it properly! So stay tuned for a rideable Moschops coming soon to an ARK near you! ;)


Official PC Legacy PVE Save Files!
Download 'em here!
Attention PC PvE Legacy Survivors! We've made the current Legacy PC PVE

Savefiles available to download.

This has been a community request for some time from our player base as some of you have expressed interest in moving on to your own dedicated servers. The snapshot was taken on the 3rd of April 2018 and we're going to see if we can also make console PVE legacy saves available. Please keep in mind that we won't be offering this on our regular Official Network or PvP Legacy servers.


Sponsored Mod Program Update & New Wildcard Workshop Tutorials!

Hey everybody! Zen here with your dose of modding news!

I'm excited to announce a new addition to the Sponsored Mod Program this month. The joy of the hunt was always a significant aspect of ARK for me, and as far as I was concerned, taming was as much a part of that experience as the actual battle with a beast. I am delighted to see that someone has taken the mantle of modding that aspect with some significant changes. I am pleased to announce that the Immersive Taming mod will be joining our roster this month!

Using this mod, you will find that taming has been changed from a battle to protect an unconscious creature while you tried to keep it drugged and stocked with food suppositories to the gauntlet of gaining a creatures trust and trying to tame it in a way that imitates life a bit more.

I also have a couple of new entries for the Wildcard Workshop tutorial series today!

Tutorial #2 focuses on trying to get you into the right mindset for programming and how to look at the interaction between data, logic, and the game world. You will find some supplemental information in the thread post for this one.

In tutorial #3 we build our first mod from the minimal files we set up before, into something that will actually work if it were uploaded to the workshop.


We will also be making some changes to the Mod Tutorial Contest. Going forward these will be more freestyle under much wider topics. For instance, Contest #3 is all about making ridiculous April Fools Day buffs! We'll also start linking all submissions in the contest thread, not just the winner, since they will all be unique


****Dino Spotlight with Goon and Esme****

Dino Name: Carnotaurus!


Carnotaurus pressor is a distinctive creature that falls between a medium and large predator. It lives primarily on flat, clear ground, where it can capitalize on its speed. Additionally, it seems to have no qualms about running away from larger predators instead of fighting.

The horns of the Carnotaurus seem to be used more for fighting rivals than actual hunting. This doesn't mean the horns aren't dangerous, though. They can still eviscerate larger prey.

Carnotaurus is one of the smaller and more compact of the large predators. If Tyrannosaurus is the “lion” of the Island, Carnotaurus would certainly be the “cheetah.” The real threat of a Carnotaurus is not being able to escape it once it has spotted you.


Carnotaurus fills a very specific role. Larger and almost as fast as a Raptor, smaller but much faster than a Rex.

Were it not for the creature's extremely long down-time after sprinting, it might be among the most capably balanced mounts.


Taming Method   Knock out

Preferred Kibble Kibble (Ankylo Egg)
Preferred Food   Raw Mutton
Equipment Carno  (Lvl 46)
Unique Costumes Carno Bone Costume
Rider Weaponry?  No
Can not carry Humans


*****Felloons Admin Tip******




  • Added to your Game.ini file
  • Helps keep the server lag down or removes it entirely.
    • High level bred, imprinted dinos that cause server lag while harvesting.
  • Can focus on certain resource types to set them to your liking.





*****LAST CALL*****

Did you have something that you forgot to mention during the show? Say it now or wait a week!

    • You can come and join us in the games we play, the podcasts we record, and the discord server we hang out in at www.CrossRealmRebellion.com




  • Shout out to @MuricanZombie, @JesterArke, @fullmetalagent and @WaldoPeppercorn

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