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June 12, 2017

Episode #54 of Rated Ark : The Ark Survival Evolved Podcast

Rated_Ark_54_Final.pngEpisode 54 of Rated Ark SHOW NOTES
Welcome survivors new and old to Episode 54 of Rated Ark, The Ark Survival Evolved Podcast!
Today is June 10 , 2017
We are a CRR Gaming Group hosted podcast , so that means the voices can change each week but the roundtable discussion will always be about Ark !
We have many ways you can contact us to share feedback, tips, or adventures!
You can reach the show by emailing RatedArk@gmail.com
You can tweet the show @RatedArk on twitter!
You can grab the RSS Feed, get our show notes , and apply to join us in game at ratedark.podbean.com
And you can now watch us record each episode Saturdays on Twitch 10:30pm est at www.twitch.tv/ratedark !
You can join us in game at www.crossrealmbellion.com!

Name of who wants to read the intro & Introduce those on the show :
First we’d like to start the show off by introducing everyone here tonight!
Everyone introduces herself/ himself
( We can go from top to bottom in teamspeak to make it easy)

*****LOOT DROP*****
This segment is for listener feedback. Did we get any Audio? Emails? Tweets? Reviews? Do we have an shout outs to deliver? List them below: Greet anyone in the Twitch chat!
Esme: We want to thank Matt Collins Who reached out to us on Facebook and wanted to know when our next show was to come out and told us that
Our show is kind of like crack to him So much so that he can't wait to hear the new episode!
I want to thank everyone who has made the transition from our old CRR Gaming Group site on Anook to our new one at www.crossrealmrebellion.com ! If you haven't, I encourage you to do so to keep up on all things going on .


What have we been doing in ARK this week?
(Share a little about what you've been doing in game NO NOVELS :)
Esme: I'm going to ask you guys!

*****Fresh from the Forge******Ark News Segment
( Ark News Segment. Did any of us find any juicy news we want to share)
https://twitter.com/arkjeremy/status/873149882537848834 a

Esme Tweet:
ARK: EVOLUTION EVENT is now active on ALL PLATFORMS through til 3pm ET June 12, with 1.5X Taming, Harvesting, XP!


ESME: Who wants to read? I know! A86!
By Jen:
Hey there Survivors!
You may have already noticed but we've been doing some passes on our boss arenas on the Island.
We're reaching out to the community and looking for your help. If you know of any current issues/exploits with the boss arenas on The Island, The Center, or Scorched Earth, please leave a comment here. Videos and/or screenshots are most useful!
Thanks for your help with improving ARK. We greatly appreciate it.

Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch! :Jerbhi:

The Community Crunch is where we share important things going on with ARK, as well as host contests and showcase creations made by the community! Let's get started with some news.

ARK at E3!

The ARK fun at this years E3 begins on Sunday, the 11th of June. We will be revealing some very exciting updates about ARK! You'll be able to tune in and catch all the details below:

On Sunday, June 11th, at 6pm PST Jesse Rapczak will be on 'YouTube Live at E3 in 4K Ultra HD, Hosted by Geoff Keighley'. You can watch it live on the official E3 YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/e3

On Monday, June 12th, Jesse Rapczak will be on 'Twitch E3 Day Zero Show' at 12pm PST. You can watch it live on the official Twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/twitch

On Wednesday, June 14th, Cedric Burkes will be on the 'Xbox Daily Show' at 1pm PST. Once we've got a URL, we'll be sharing it ;)

So tune in, check out our latest news and enjoy the show!

Upcoming Price Changes!

This coming Monday (June 12th), the console version of ARK: Survival Evolved will see an increase in price, and on July 7th, the PC version of ARK: Survival Evolved will also the see an increase.

We'll be providing further information on the reason for these changes after the live stream on Monday at E3, so be sure to tune in! If you or a friend still have ARK on your wishlist, you'll want to purchase it before the price changes!

ARK Bosses!

We're currently collecting known issues and exploits with our boss arenas on The Island, The Center, or Scorched Earth, please leave a comment on the thread if you've got one to report. Videos and/or screenshots are very useful!

PC Patch Notes: Promo

86 - Xbox update

Current ARK Official Client Version: v754.0

Upcoming Version: v755 - 10PM EST RELEASE

- Per-pixel painting, including Human & Dino Warpaint
- New Weapon: Harpoon Gun (& Tranq Bolts for the Harpoon Gun)
- New Dino: Hyaenodon
- New Dino: Hesperonis
- New Dino: Megatherium
- New Dino: Megalania
- New Dino: Yutyrannus
- New Vehicle: Gas-powered speedy Motorboat
- New Structure: Interactive Toilet
- Viking Hair and Facial Hairstyles
- Memory reductions, texture memory & mesh optimization.
- Tek Projectiles now will not do any damage if they collide with a Structure after 5000 units distance (to balance against Auto-Turrets)
- Achievement set now includes various cosmetics, hairstyles, & emotes unlocked as you get Achievements.
- New client Options to disable giving cosmetics on respawn, and to disable menu music tracks.
- Re-added the ATV vehicle as work-in-progress "easter egg" for singleplayer and custom servers: Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Vehicles/VH_Buggy/Blueprint/PrimalItemVHBuggy.PrimalItemVHBuggy'
- Fixed various gameplay exploits and edge cases.
- Direwolf now has pack logic with pack buff
- Fixed bug where Alpha Wild creatures were sometimes improperly buffing enemy (tamed) creatures
- Updated various new UI's to the new style
- 66 new Explorer Notes! (between The Island and ScorchedEarth)
- Ballista/Harpoon Bolt now has significant piercing properties akin to the Composite Arrow
- Redid The Island's ambient sounds and various gameplay sound effects
- Explorer Notes subtitle option button, Explorer Notes translations are WIP (https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/ark-translation-project)
- Various misc Island map fixes
- Massive update to Primitive+:
- All tamed dinos with projectiles now support "Turret" AI mode
- Official PvE changed to use Offline Raid Protection
- Made Alpha Leeds more common on The Island, and made them give 5 Blubber items rather than just 1. Also made Alpha Megalodon slightly more common.
- Fixed particle systems not appearing at large world coordinates

***PLEASE ADD your name AND the link with your news pieces.***


Yogi: PS4 Update:
Same as Xbox
But Releases on Monday June 12th.
Upcoming Version: v509 - 12th

86 afk 2 seconds

Main Topic of the show:
(One topic to cover that is Ark Related then move on. It is the meat and potatoes of the show).

This means that you need to:
1: Head to the forums at Survive the Ark.com, Reddit, or the Steam forums and find a post you think would be great to talk about on the show this week !
2: Copy and paste the forum post below with the link.
3: Take the time to look of the forum posts of others and add any thoughts on the topics :)

Your ark stories


submitted by Roseveld
Wildcard, can we make Rafts "demolish allowed" when tribes are inactive?

Official PVP Servers are being cluttered with rafts of tribes who have already long left servers. It goes to the point that some spots on the map are no longer enjoyable for active players. You simply can no longer navigate through certain sections of the map without getting constantly stuck!!
The center maps are obviously worse vs. the Island since rafts play a much bigger role there. BUT HOLY SH*T , please check No-Tame Center servers and be prepared to be baffled. Wish I could show some screenshots. (might post some later when back from work)
Some tribes have used rafts to make walking bridges from one island to the other , blocking complete waterways to sail through. Not to mention that with the X3 and X4 weekends people have been spamming rafts non stop for XP grind to level faster.
Active players do not bother farming explosives to blow up naked rafts as there is no gain. The Leedsichthys has been clocking overtime but can not handle this amount of rafts, certainly not in shallow shores where it can not reach the graveyards of rafts.
I know rafts do not get a lot of love as they are lost in the spaghetti code and classified as "Tame with platform" and recently lost their Vaults capacity.
Please Wildcard make the rafts "Demolish allowed" when tribes are no longer active. Give them the longest metal timer or even longer. But please give us a possibility to stop the Pollution of our seas.
Upvote if you agree
Esme is back!

EDIT: Simple Example https://i.imgur.com/Si0ORIe.jpg

jatonreddit Lead Community Manager & Associate Producer 9 hours ago
Sounds like a reasonable idea, will put it forward to the guys.

PVE Offline Raid Protection being used for trolling
by Zed38,

Tribes are parking dinos at cave entrances and logging off, effectively preventing anyone from entering the caves.

What they said.


Hey there Survivors!

You may have already noticed but we've been doing some passes on our boss arenas on the Island.

We're reaching out to the community and looking for your help. If you know of any current issues/exploits with the boss arenas on The Island, The Center, or Scorched Earth, please leave a comment here. Videos and/or screenshots are most useful!

Thanks for your help with improving ARK. We greatly appreciate it.


Wildcard unintentionally created hero classes in ARK:

The Nudists (Noobs) The Lone Wolves (Solo/2 player partnerships) The Wolfpack (Local Tribes) The Covenant (Big Tribes) The Hive (Cross Server Raiders) The Pirates (Griefers)

The Nudists (Noobs): Excels at death and no-shirt, no-shoes but still gets service. Typically a temporary class, this type of survivor can progress to a different class after hours of repeated dying and learning. Or they will just leave their barely clothed unconscious carcass on the island to go back to playing COD or some EA sports game.

The Wolfpack (Local Tribes): Excels at communication and having fun. These survivors are usually part of a nerdy group of friends that mostly know each other in real life or from other games. They tend to spend a lot of time enjoying hobbies such as role-playing and team-killing.
One of the most enjoyable but niche class of survivors.

The Lone Wolves (Solo/2 player partnerships): Many survivors try this class, but it is difficult to master. They excel at negotiating and stealth. Typically they don't like playing with strangers and most of their friends don't play ark so they can't form a Wolfpack. They might have one buddy who they partner with to survive against all odds. The successful Lone Wolves are highly individually skilled.

The Covenant (Big Tribes): The most common survivor (not including temporary Nudists). They excel at organization and team-based taming. They are usually formed from survivors who switched from the previous classes and decided to follow one or more leaders. The leaders typically have strict rules that keep the tribe safe and strong, but as a consequence many leaders also tend to be snarky and self-absorbed. The tribe members can have a range of skills and personalities, but most enjoy pleasing their leader to move up in the ranks.

The Pirates (Griefers): These survivors excel at killing tames and being a**holes and are proud of it. They play ark like it's team deathmatch, they prefer not to spend time taming as it is quicker to club/tranq people. Unified servers tend to reduce the number of griefers.

The Hive (Cross Server Raiders): These survivors excel at transportation and raiding. They are too large for a single leader and usually function in a hive mentality, with each member working towards the common goal of causing a massive shit-storm.

This post is a cry for help asking what can you do against a mega tribe , IMO this is something WC needs to out some real thought into .
BRB Esme has to pee lol

Do you have any info you forgot to share? Some shout outs? Future events? Contests? Share them now or wait a week! An In Game tip?

Esme: Come and join us in the many games we play at www.crossrealmrebellion.com
We have 2 public servers to join us on.
We just opened our crazy PVPVE Modded Server Free For All!
Lumin is starting up an Anime club thing for CRR members and we have felloons Extinction Core servers too! We have a group of CRR Members playing GTA almost every night together!

Would you rather!?:
2 Hosts can pick a “would you rather” scenario to share with the group to answer.
Please keep it within the parameters of the CRR Gaming Group:
Non political Non religious, Non gender bashing, You can keep it secret if you would like to add to the group reaction via surprise WTH!? LOL

Ematai shared this photo in twitch lol

Ematai shared this photo in twitch lol

Esme ; Secret :)

The Podcast Esme was referencing that also covers Ark is the Arkeologist's Podcast is found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd4_O5Y5ufFE2EIgKVsBiJA


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