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April 6, 2018

Cross Realm Podcast #6: Your Gaming & Entertainment Podcast! We share what games have let us down, what we’re playing, what we are watching, and finish off with some fun “Would you Rathers”!

Episode # 6 of Cross Realm Cast SHOW NOTES

Welcome to the Cross Realm Podcast!

The Entertainment Podcast hosted by CRR Gaming Group Members!



  • Today is April 5, 2018
  • You can reach the show by emailing  CrossRealmRebellion@gmail.com
  • You can grab the RSS Feed, get our show notes , and leave us a voice message at anchor.fm/CrossRealmPodcast , and apply to join us in game at CrossRealmRebellion.com !



Main topic:  Wilektron : What is a game you were excited about before you played it, but were disappointed by once you played?


FOE- Brink ! , was sooooooo hyped about this parkour FPS it was fun for like 1hr than it was just a flawed mess


Esme: Wildstar

Wildstar was said to be a good contender for a wow killer . It had/has actual player house that was pretty fantastic. The youtube videos leading up to the game were hilarious! They were promising 20 and 40 man raids. Unique pvp battlegrounds etc.

Once in,  we realized it felt very rushed. Content we were promised never came. We started to realize it wasn't even created yet lol. They attunement process you had to grind to get to raid was so grindy, that once someone made it to silver to raid they were to damn tired and fried to even dream turning around to get a guildy through the process. It killed guilds and raid teams super quick. The servers on launch , were ass backwards. They accidentally let in free passes in first over the people who purchased early to get in to the launch a few days before everyone else. It was a nightmare lol Hamster wheel of death.

Now Free to play on Steam.


Criikette has stuff to say about Wildstar too!

Blue- Shadowrun FPS

Duke Nukem


Criikette - Hellgate: London



Cross Realm Cast is meant to be more of an open discussion podcast that spans all realms of life.

Suggestions for input! (Obviously don’t pick them all :P ) lol


  • What are you doing in game!?
  • (Any game! Any Platform!)
  • Do you have some gaming news to share?
  • Some releases you can't wait for?
  • A game you are excited for !?
  • Feedback on a game you have played?
  • Question for the group? A would you wrather?
  • Need some advice ? Ask the group!
  • Any recommendations on Food? Books? TV? Movies? Podcasts? Games?
  • Have a wierd product to share?



KEEP ENTRIES TO 2’ish EACH HOST PLEASE or just keep it to around five minutes lol



Input:more L5R fun , PixArk has consumed my game play this week . Decided to watch Altered carbon on netflix I started but got sucked into other shows but am back And enjoying it . AND Far Cry 5 might have to be purchased looks so good .

Name: Willektron

Input: A bit of news: Crusader Kings II is free on Steam through the weekend (until April 9th):


Also, all DLCs are up to 50% off during the sale.



Input:Finished up binging on  The Gifted Season 1, Started watching a show called Siren . Tried the mobile game HomeScapes , Got bored after a day. Been Playing Pix Ark every day and got back into Ark Survival Evolved to hunt down some beautiful Easter Dinos!


Last call!

Time to close down the show!


  • Share how our listeners can reach you!
  • Give any shout outs!


Join us in the games we play and the podcast we record together www.crossrealmgaminggroup.com


Would you rather



  • FOE has a would you rather
  • Esme has one tooooooooo



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