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March 30, 2018

Cross Realm Podcast #5: Your Gaming & Entertainment Podcast! April Fools Stories, Elder Scrolls, Eve, Splatoon 2, Pix Ark, The Gifted, Shadespire, Lost Castle and more!


Episode #5 of Cross Realm Cast SHOW NOTES As usual, I’ll read unless someone else wants to - Will

Welcome to Cross Realm Podcast!

The Gaming & Entertainment Podcast hosted by CRR Gaming Group Members!



  • Today is March 28, 2018
  • You can reach the show by emailing CrossRealmRebellion@gmail.com
  • You can grab the RSS Feed, get our show notes , and leave us a voice message at anchor.fm/CrossRealmPodcast , and apply to join us in game at CrossRealmRebellion.com !





April Fools Day is fast Approaching!

Share Some of your April Fools day pranks that you have pulled off OR ones you think you would love to try!

Some ideas I found that are family friendly:


  • Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and let it dry. Put the non-sudsing soap in the shower or bath and wait for the questions to begin.
  • Buy a bag of yellow onions and dip them in melted candy to make them look like caramel apples. Offer the family the pungent pranks after dinner. But be sure to have some real sweets ready, too!
  • Swab the inside of the bathtub faucet with blue food gel dye. When your child turns the handle, they'll get a big blue surprise at bath time.
  • Fill your child's usual juice cup with gelatin after dinner and place it in the refrigerator. In the morning when the drink is firm, offer your little one a sip and watch him wonder what happened!
  • Prank both the kids and dad by placing small pieces of clear tape over the sensors on the television and gaming console remotes.
  • Over the sink, poke tiny pinholes into a plastic water bottle using a sewing needle. Gently wipe down the outside and set the bottle on the counter. When someone picks it up, the pressure of their hand will cause a light spray of water to go everywhere!
  • Trick your kids into thinking you knocked your teeth out by placing gummy teeth over your real ones before "accidentally" bumping into something that makes them fall on the floor. You'll freak them out—for a few seconds anyway!


Twitter Feedback:
I've always wanted to fill a donut with mayo! I just don't think anyone at my work would believe I'd actually bring normal donuts in. Maybe I could make my husband fall for it...

Esme: Possesed TV, Nail Polish, Plastic wrap,


          Cyber Judge: I'm a developer for a decent sized company and last year I wanted to have some fun with the main web application most of the customer facing staff uses, I had to do something that would not prevent employees from servicing our members but something noticeable. I decided to add a small chunk of code that caused the application to open upside down after a few seconds it then had an animation to turn the screen the correct way and pop up a message saying happy April fools day from your IT department.


FOE -goalie stuff , preggo my eggo,  


Will - Lighting board shenanigans at church



Cross Realm Cast is meant to be more of an open discussion podcast that spans all realms of life.

Suggestions for input! (Obviously don’t pick them all :P ) lol


  • What are you doing in game!?
  • (Any game! Any Platform!)
  • Do you have some gaming news to share?
  • Some releases you can't wait for?
  • A game you are excited for !?
  • Feedback on a game you have played?
  • Question for the group? A would you wrather?
  • Need some advice ? Ask the group!
  • Any recommendations on Food? Books? TV? Movies? Podcasts? Games?
  • Have a weird product to share?






Input: eve massive fleet battle, hydrostatic podcast, darling in the franxx



Input: ESO Online - After the last recording I was on, ESO released a free trial last week from Thursday to Tuesday. I decided to give it a try and was enjoying the game and story enough that I purchased the Morrowind Expansion pack that included the base game while it was on sale. ESO did announce the new expansion Summerset (and that is why they did the trial and discounted morwind). I had tried Pre-Ordering Summerset on Fanatical because everywhere (both on ESO website and Fanatical website) said that I’d get base game and Morrowind immediately and then get Summerset in June when it is released.  Long story short, after pre-ordering, I never got a key to get the base game, logged a ticket with Fanatical that told me that I would get everything in June and so I opted for refund and just purchased the Morrowind expansion on sale directly from Steam. I chose not to do the pre-order on steam because it cost CA$45.46 through Fanatical and is CA$53.49 on steam.

I’ve been enjoying watching Critical Role season 1 on Geek and Sundry Youtube page. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-p9lWIhcLQ&list=PL7atuZxmT954bCkC062rKwXTvJtcqFB8i


Been really enjoying watching this group of voice actors playing through a DnD campaign. Critical Role is DMed by Matthew Mercer and has a group of 8 other voice actors playing the campaign. I found Geek and Sundry through another DnD campaign Matthew Dmed that was on the DnD twitch channel and that I talked about in August on Rated Extra.


Real TV: HBO Silicon Valley, totally not safe for work or children, but a hilarious show about a small start up technology business trying to make it big in silicon valley and the different things that happen in silicon valley (just exaggerated)


Name: Will

Input: Splatoon 2 - Have been playing it for almost a week and loving it

Kirby Star Allies - not really a fan. It’s not a badly done game per se, but it’s way too easy.





  • Nvidia CEO says "we're not anywhere close" to meeting the demand for its GPUs



FOE- Shadespire , L5R league , pixark , fortnight duo with my son , writing this weekend's DnD adventure


Criikette: Ark Mobile  PixArk.  Lost Castle.  Psych.


Last call!

Time to close down the show!


  • Share how our listeners can reach you!
  • Give any shout outs!




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